Every customer's wish is different.

Strong customer orientation in all service areas.

Every customers need is different. Therefore our partners don’t get any standard offers but individual services that fit precisely to the specific situation and tasks.

This strong engagement for the customers needs is characteristic for the work at all branches of the IC - from the project planning, project execution and success monitoring of the preliminary and detailed engineering as well as from the manufacturing to the assembly and the commissioning.

The branch for automation and drive technology is new in our portfolio. We are now in the excellent position that we are able to plan, build and install the electrical controls and switchgear for our machines and special machines ourselves. Because of this our customers receive even more services and a better performance directly from one source.

Some expamples for the IC services:

  • roller tables and plate spin conveyors
  • lifter / hydraulic lifter
  • chain conveyor
  • conveyor belts
  • cross conveyor
  • take-over rotation lifter
  • cooling beds
  • coil lifter
  • walking beam systems
  • ...
  • Project Management

    Project Management

    The IC’s project management is characterized by close coordination between the partners during the entire project. Openness and transparency facilitate the achievement of deadlines and – ultimately – of satisfaction on all sides.

    Another special feature: Also on site, during the installation and commissioning, we are always available at your disposal.

    Our project management includes:

    • the monitoring of the several project steps and of the project success in general
    • the documentation of the project status and of the burdens and obligations of all project partners
    • the control of all costs and deadlines in regards to the project monitoring
  • Engineering


    On the basis of detailed specifications or specific requirements our designers and engineers create detailed models in 3D technology. The newest hardware and software such as the AutoCAD software Inventor enables us to create up-to-date computer-aided design.

    Our engineering supplies the most important preparatory work. This includes the development of concepts, the layout of equipment, simulations based on models, cycle time analyzes, analytical and FEM calculations, 2D drawings and 3D models.

    Another aspect of our engineering is the technical documentation. This includes:

    • description of the equipment
    • operation and maintenance manuals
    • CE documentation
    • risk analysis and risk assessment
  • Manufacturing and Assembly

    Manufacturing and Assembly

    The production and assembly form the heart of every project and the entire work of the Industrie Company. The IC works with conventional as well as modern CNC-controlled machines.

    Among the services are:

    • manufacturing of individual parts
    • manufacturing of small series
    • construction of prototypes
    • welded constructions and steel work
      +++ WHG certified +++
    • assembly and disassembly
    • integration of new equipment in existing installations
    • commissioning

    A selection of our manufacturing techniques:

    • interlock
    • sandblasting
    • painting
    • coating
    • heat treatment
    • anneal
    • assembly
    • turning
    • vertical boring mill
    • milling
    • boring mill processing
    • sharpening (inside, outside, flat)
    • drilling
    • welding
  • Machinery and Plant Manufacturing

    Machinery and Plant Manufacturing

    Our mechanical and plant engineering covers all steps, from the project receiving and installation of production-ready units including test run of these units.

    • admission
    • consulting in design and manufacturing technical issues
    • designing of individual solutions
    • engineering
    • construction in 2D- and 3D-CAD
    • inspection
    • manufactiuring
    • assembly
    • technical documentation
  • Automation and Drive Technology

    Automation and Drive Technology

    Due to the establishment of the department of automation and drive technology in the spring of 2016, the spectrum of the IC increased again by one important area. The core competencies of IC-e are in the project planning, in the software development and commissioning of production processes. Through these gains some more disturbing interfaces during the project are eliminated, whereby our customers get an even more comprehensive, better coordinated package.

    Our range includes the construction of the switchgear, their installation and putting into operation in new and in existing systems as well as services and any modifications. For the design and planning of the installations we use software solutions from Siemens, and we use EPLAN for the circuit diagrams.