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What we stand for – and for what purposes we are engaged.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. – This rate applies to 100 percent for our Industrie Company, because our company is much more than the mere accumulation of machines and workforce at one location. Only through the contribution of individual achievements and qualities, through the interplay and the interaction, it is finally the IC.

  • About Industrie Company

    About Industrie Company

    The Industrie Company, located in Willich near Dusseldorf, gives a perfect example for punctuality, for partnership with the client and for adaptability and fast response time even in case of unusual and extensive requirements. In short terms: There’s no no-go!

  • Social Commitment

    Social Commitment

    The IC accepts its corporate and social responsibility. Only through participation in social life and participation in the life of the employees, we ensure the development of our company and its long-term success.

    Our initiative „JIM“ („Jugend im Mittelpunkt“) puts the young and maybe future co-workers in the center of interest: teenagers of both sports clubs DJK Teutonia St. Tönis and SV Straelen receive additional support and help while trying to get a good start into their job life.

    There are several successful examples of teenagers who managed to get a good first job at our company and have now a clear and promising career perspective.

    Furthermore our company is also active as a sponsor of amateur football teams.

  • Organisation Chart

    Organisation Chart

    The IC is headed by a dual leadership: Managing Director Holger Krebs is responsible for the commercial side of the company, and the technical field is headed by Managing Director Stephan Streithoven.

    Organizationally, the IC consists of six columns: In addition to the assembly work / installation (director: Stephan Streithoven), the manufacturing (managed by Helmut Cremers and Alfred Heinisch) and the construction department (Robert Brunner, Umut Gökbas, Mirko Krebs) there are the acquisition (managed by Holger Krebs), the purchase and the general administration (managed by Stefan Devic).

    Holger Krebs
    Stephan Streithoven
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